Key Project Features

Vertical Greenery & Multi-Dimensional Landscape

forest-like environment – this drastically purifies the air, conserves rainwater and reduces noise pollution

Top Notch Five-Layered Security Systems

from sea patrol, uav monitoring to auxiliary police stations, forest city offers maximum security for residents.

Forest City – A Cutting-Edge Smart City

urban complex covering industries, commerce & residence completed smart infrastructure

Multi-Layered Mobility And Connectivity

majority of the city facade is covered by living plants with parks spread around the metropolitan


Forest City is located in the Johor Strait between the Singapore and Malaysia. Located 2 km from Singapore, only 10 minutes’ drive to the Singapore-Malaysia Second Link. Forest City enjoy the prosperity of Singapore and the affordability of Malaysia.

Malaysia As Long Term Investment?

The MM2H program makes migrators much easier to live in Malaysia. It is differ from the other extremely high immigration requirements in America, Canada and Australia as for Malaysia only requires a deposit of RM150,000 to RM350,000. Only require one applicant, the whole family (children below 21 years old and parents above 60) may obtain 10 years’ residence permission in Malaysia, and the RP is lifetime renewable, enabling you not only to keep your own nationality but also enjoy the quality benefits of Malaysia.

Units Sold

Phase 1 100 % Units Sold
Phase 2 99 % Units Sold
Phase 3 72 % Units Sold


Danga Bay

Danga Bay is Johor Bahru’s first and largest mixed residential-commercial development. Launched 9,400 condominium units in year 2013 received the sales of 60%. Why Country Garden Danga Bay • [...]

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Download the Floor Plans

Units Available:

4 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

2 Bedrooms

1+1 Bedrooms

Sale Hotline: +65 9228 6699

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