Could Johor Bahru be the Mexico of Asia in Terms of Retirement?

 In General, Johor Bahru

Why Johor Could Be The Next Asia's Retirement Paradise

Mexico- The Retirement Paradise of US

Many would agree that living in Mexico only relatively cheaper than living the United States with for new ones. People were supposed to be built and live with the element of surprise to unplanned events. If you have only been to the beach resorts or to the interior tourist destinations, you do not have an accurate picture of Mexico. If you have only vacationed there, you do not have an accurate picture of living there. Mexico was known as one of the best retirement place in the world with great beaches, a lot of pretty towns, and all year round beautiful climate. You can fly direct from North America to Mexico on just about with 2 and half hours. also great medical care and insurance provided. Its exchange rate is even better at about 20 Mexico Peso to 1 USD.


Mexico and Johor Bahru share several characteristics as a great place for retirement

Johor Bahru could be a place where many would imagine living in for retirement. It is viewed as a hidden charm of retirement which many exceeds their expectations. Similar to Mexico in general, Johor Bahru could offer a higher living standard and good quality of life due to its developing infrastructure. Its cost of living is comparable lower than of Singapore meaning it is very affordable for retirees with a moderate income. Foreigners will find JB offers place to live in especially for those who have children. There are great international schools for children and theme parks for the entire family. The near proximity of Singapore is a big advantages foreigner’s love shopping in Singapore too. The Iskandar Malaysia project has risen the value of the surrounding properties. As Iskamdar Malaysia project is still in the early stages of development it means that it is a good time to invest in Johor Bahru’s properties.


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