How to Make a Fortune with Real Estate From an Expert

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I have some general guidelines on buying properties which will give you a greater return:

  1. ┬áCondition of the real estate – Try to avoid property in good condition so it will be ready to rent out. You do not want to come up with more money for renovation which will eats into you profit margin.
  2. Real estate in a poor location – Get a property in the best locations such as near beach areas, town area, CBD, schools and offices where you can fetch good rental price.
  3. Real estate with good tenants – Either you are so lucky that you buy an apartment or house which comes with a good tenants paying you good rental already. If not you would want to buy a property in a good location such as CBD area where the possibility of rental to a good tenant (white collars) is high.

Forest City Johor Bahru is a good choice of real estate investment recommended by many experts worldwide.

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