Project Features

Multi-layered Mobility & Connectivity Covered by Dozen Square Kilometres of Greeneries

Truly achieved the separation of Pedestrians and Vehicles. Majority of the city facade is covered by living plants with parks spread around the metropolitan and with no moving vehicles traveling on the ground and only railways and transit links throughout the city. Road and car parks are located beneath separate pedestrians from moving vehicles.

Vertical greenery & Multi-dimensional Landscape

We implement a vertical greening system as building facades. Buildings covered by plants which create a forest-like environment. This will help purify the air, conserve rainwater and reduce noise pollution. By utilization of advanced technology we are able to connect forest with city.

Smart City

Forest City is an urban township other than a normal real estate project. It is a global urban complex covering industries, commerce, and residence. Forest City is an urban township other than a normal real estate project. It is a global urban complex covering industries, commerce, and residence.  It is not only about having a roof over one’s head. It is also equipped with complete amenities, smart home and also smart infrastructure.

Independent Custom

In the future, residents from 2nd link can directly go down the bridge to Forest City through our independent custom (CIQ).

Duty Free Zone

On March 2016, Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak announced Forest City to be a duty-free zone in the future. Once finalised, this will greatly promote the development of tourism as all goods and services in Forest City will be under exemption of import duty and customer will enjoy GST refund in the future.

City & urban integration

City and urban integration, which refer to the integration of financial, economic, information technology, industrial production and trade which help, promote traffic and land development, and infrastructure construction.

Five layered security system

  • Coastline form the 1st layer protection
  • 2nd layer involved enclosed security management system which equipped with multidimensional security network; Sea petrol, UAV monitoring, 24 hour smart security system, etc
  • 3rd layer comprise of Certification of Auxiliary police by government
  • 4th layer required access control system in the residential lift are
  • Last layer concluded with smart lock within residential community

Luxury Oceanfront Bungalows with A Breathtaking Sea View

  • ¼ of Singapore property Price
  • Your very First Choice Freehold Property

Excellent Facilities & Supporting Amenities

  • Forest City is self-contained mixed-use development that integrates premium residence, commercial business, MICE, leisure and entertainment and transportation system.
  • Forest City will bring in world-class international schools and premium hospitals. It also plans to create the first duty-free and international shopping paradise. The first-phase development includes transportation hub, integrated oceanfront marina commercial streets, international clubhouse and hotels to meet the increasing demand of high quality lifestyles.

Partnership with Top International Elite Teams To Create The World’s Future Integrated Eco-City

  • Work with Huawei, SASAKI, Deloitte
  • Jointly Developed Garden By Leading Real Estate Developers Country Garden And Esplanade Danga 88

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