Frequently Asked Questions

What is the land size of Forest City?

Estimation of 1,650 hectares (17km²)

When Country Garden Pacific View (CGPV) did cease all construction work?

It was during June 2014 CGPV stopping all operation work on Forest City voluntarily to assess the viability of the project.

When was the construction work resume?

The construction work was resumed around late 1st quarter of 2015.

When will Forest City complete?

It is estimated by year 2035

How would Forest City affected by Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP)?

It will not affect because Forest City is a development consist of mainly commercial and residential.

How would Forest City affecting the current Iskandar project?

It will not affect the current Iskandar project but instead will work toward complementing the Iskandar project.

Is Forest City working on how they could lessen the impact of potential environmental risks near the location?

Yes, Country Garden Pacific View will ensure and continue monitor the progress of the construction work so that it will not harm the natural environment. CGPV is committed to ensure a healthy and fit environment by using the best quality sands. CGPV will constantly monitor their work in progress, implementing technology like double silt curtain; constantly monitor the quality of surrounding air, noise, and water. They will be 3rd party auditor to monitor the entire work in progress.  Other measurements have been taken into considerations: sewage management, real time monitoring system, air and water monitoring, engaging third party auditing and shoreline monitoring exercise.

Is Forest City build onto the shore of Lembaga Port Johor (LPJ)?

It will not as Port of Pelepas (PTP) is at the mean time leasing the location along the shore.

Will the Merambong Shoal affected by the construction?

Country Garden Pacific View will ensure that the seagrass will not the harm during construction or during any excavation work in the future. There will not have any degazzettement work involved. CGPV is actively working with local environment agency to preserve the natural Seagrass.

Will Country Garden Pacific View planning to buy more land for Forest City development?

As the surrounding land is currently leased by Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) from Lembaga Port Johor (LPJ), CGPV has no plans to buy up any land at all around the area.

Will there be any Dredging going on anytime soon?

Nope, there will not be any dredging work going on anytime soon.

Are we able to view the show units at Forest City?

Yes, the showroom has begun its operations and is ready for viewing.

What are the key economic activities in Iskandar Flagship C?

  • Port and marine services,
  • Warehousing,
  • logistics,
  • engineering,
  • hi-tech manufacturing,
  • food production,
  • petrochemical industry,
  • Entre-port trade

What is the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) process about?

DEIA are giving the public opportunities to get review and also to give feedback ensuring any environmental impacts of any projects to have identified and measures to reduce any impacts with stringent monitoring programmes for pre-construction, during construction and operational of any project. Fishermen near by the Forest City project did raised concerns on any possible impact on their surrounding environment. Villagers joined a public dialogue on Sept 2014 so that they could provide feedback and concerns on the Forest City which was included in the final DEIA report. Due to the expression of concerns by the residents and environmentalists about the Forest City development, the Country Garden group will make public the detailed environmental impact assessment (DEIA) of the 2,000ha forest City which is even larger than Pangkor Island. Country Garden Pacific View (CGPV) comment that it has got clearance from DOE to start reclamation works for the first phase of Forest City. A detailed environmental impact assessment (DEIA) report of Forest City Island Reclamation has been approved by Malaysia’s Department of Environment (DoE).

What are the eight promoted industries by Mckinsey & Co in Forest City?

As an integrated city, the project’s development plan includes 8 pillar industries to attract the settlement of global enterprises. Mckinsey & Co researches are as follows:

  • Tourism
  • E-commerce
  • Education & Training
  • Emerging market
  • Health Care Regional HQ
  • Near shore finance
  • Green & smart industry

Is Forest City idea sorely belonging to Country Garden alone?

It is actually a detailed work contributed by several top organisations which include Mckensey, Deloitte and Sasaki.

About School System

What’s the age range of students?

3 to 18 years old.

What classes does the school have?

Pre-school, Kindergarten, 1st-12th grades

What’s the daily/weekly/annual timetable?

  • School day starts around 8:00 a.m. and goes to approximately 4:00 pm but varies with different age levels and the choice of after school activities;
  • School runs Monday – Friday ;
  • School year starts in late August/early September and goes until early June. There are three terms (Fall, Winter, Spring) of about equal length over the course of the year.

What’s the area and teaching scale of the school? What supporting facilities does the school have?

The school has the following facilities:

  • Classrooms designed to be age appropriate in scale, furnishings, size, and equipment.
  • Campus is divided into the following areas/divisions:

o Pre-school and Kindergarten o 1st-5th – Elementary

o 6th-9th – Middle School

o 10th-12th – High School

  • Each area has an Innovation Lab, called the weCreate® Center
  • There are separate buildings for:

o STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

o Music and Visual Arts o Center for the Performing Arts

o Gymnasium (basketball and badminton)  and Swimming pool


  • Full size soccer field and track
  • Ample playgrounds
  • Outdoor amphitheater classrooms
  • Age and gender divided dormitories with faculty apartments on each floor
  • Student Activity Center
  • Possibly an ice skating rink

What kind of extracurricular activities does the school have?

o Sports included but not limited to are: soccer, basketball, swimming, badminton, possibly ice hockey and figure skating. o Chess club o Yearbook o Student Government o Debate team

o Math club

o Photography Club

o weCreate® Center

o Performing Arts – Theater, band, orchestra, dance, chorus

o Visual arts – painting, drawing, sculptor, film, photography, pottery

What are the teaching features of the school?

o Appropriate classrooms are equipped with Smart Board technology.

o The entire campus is wi-fi connected, with each student having a school account.

o The engineering lab has laser cutters and 3-D printers.

o Science labs in physics, biology, and chemistry are fully equipped with the latest in technology.

o Collaborative learning spaces are located throughout the School to foster 21st century learning skills.

o The weCreate® Centers have the latest Apple technology, and studios that include architecture, fashion design, music recording, filmmaking, app development, web design, and graphic design

About School Charges

How to pay for tuition? Every month/semester/half year/year?

Tuition is paid with an initial 20% deposit due by April 1st. Remaining tuition is due by August 1st. Those families who need to pay over the course of the year must pay a carrying cost, as well as buy tuition insurance.

Is there any discount for FC house owners?


How much is the full-time boarding fee?

Boarding fee is approximately 55,000 RM, in addition to tuition.

How is the accommodation condition?

New dormitories with dorm parents living on each floor and common rooms for student activities throughout the dorms

About School Operations

When is the specific opening time?

8:00 a.m., though early morning drop off and after school care will be available for an additional fee.

Is it open to the students outside the island?


How many students will the school enroll?

2,000 (Target enrollment)

Is there full-nursery service in kindergarten?

Kindergarten is a full day program.

Can primary students live in the school?


What’s the estimated enrolment capacity of various grades?

Approximately 130 students

When will the construction of the school start?

Late 2016/early 2017

Is it a cooperative school for overseas Chinese students?

Chinese students are encouraged to attend, but it is not connected to any schools in China.

The school is to be opened in August 2018, while the project handover of Forest City is in 2019, so who would be the target students?

Students will come from all over Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and China.

About Admission Standards

What are the admission requirements?

Each applicant must have the following:

  1. a) Interview, conducted on an age appropriate basis
  2. b) Transcript of any prior school performance
  3. c) TOEFFL test
  4. d) Written essay, conducted on campus
  5. e) Application form completed

If the number of students exceeds the enrollment capacity of the school, what kind of standards will the school adopt to recruit students?

Each year the School looks at its overall pool of applicants and strives to create as dynamic and multi-faceted a group as possible. Academic readiness, interest level, unique gifts and abilities, demonstrated past performance will each be taken into consideration.

What are the specific admission conditions?

The many different aspects of the application make up the components taken into consideration when considering an applicant.

What are the requirements on school transfer and language?

There are required English language levels that vary at the different age levels (the younger the student, the lower the expected threshold of English language proficiency).

Are there any special requirements on language for pupils who join in the middle of the semester?

The requirements are no different than those admitted to that grade level, though the student must be as proficient as his/her peers at that point in the school year.

Is an ID card of MM2H necessary?


What are the registration procedures?

We are unable to register students prior to full approval from the Ministry of Education. The MOE requires the School to be completely built before any student scan register. Therefore, while families can certainly submit applications, no student scan is enrolled until after construction is completed. The target construction completion date for Phase I is the fall of 2017. Once registration is open, families will complete the paperwork, submit it, pay the registration fee, and have the student go through the interview process and tour the School to get to know it better. The school will then review the student’s file and mail/email an enrollment decision.

What are the specific requirements on English?

The requirements vary from grade to grade. As students get more experience speaking, reading, writing, and hearing English, the performance expectation increases

Oral assessments, along with essay writing and TOEFFL scores will play a role in determining if a student has the needed skills to be successful.

Will the school recruit students from kindergarten to high school or some specific grades according to the practical situation?

Initial recruitment will be in Pre-school through 9th grade.

About Teacher Resources

Where do teachers mainly come from?

English speaking countries, but primarily the U.S.

What’s the proportion of Asian teachers and European teachers?

The vast majority of the teachers will be from the U.S., Canada, or Australia.

How is the condition of teacher resources of the school in the US?

We are a 158 year old school with a great network of relationships, and great credibility amongst educators for our effort to expand, thereby making them comfortable enough to pursue an opportunity with us abroad Our Head of School is from Canada and has additional contacts and relationships in that market. We also have a close relationship with three different international teacher recruiting agency.

What are the requirements on educational background of teachers?

Minimum is a Bachelor of Arts in the subject area and age level they will be teaching, and ideally a Master’s degree or a PhD.

Further Educations After Graduation

What universities do students normally attend after graduating from the school?

What are the specific proportions of such universities? Refer to PPT (College Admittance Sampling 2012-2016).

What are the benefits of studying in this school considering college admission?

We have college counsellors with years of experience working directly with students and their parents to identify the right set of colleges to which to apply. These college counsellors have close relationships with the admissions officers at a wide range of US colleges and universities. These colleges and universities know Shattuck-St. Mary’s School. They know about our rigorous curriculum and the success we have had preparing students for success after high school. We have a track record that demonstrates our ability to foster the growth and development of our students. We also will have an accreditation from a leading accrediting organization in the U.S. – the Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS).

Will students be admitted by Chinese universities after graduating from the school?

Not unless these universities decide to not require the GAO KAO.

Can students apply for Singapore or American universities after graduating from the school?


About School Strength

How many branch schools does the school have? Where are they?

We have a branch in Beijing, and are presently reviewing partnering with Country Garden to open a 2,000 student school there.  We are also working with partners in Xi An, Shenzhen, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Does the school have dormitories and canteens?


Will the school provide students with vaccination services?


Does the school have infirmaries?

Yes. There is a Health Centre on campus to work with both the day and boarding students. It is staffed by both nurses and school counsellors. It has overnight facilities for those boarding students who get ill and should not be in the dorm.

About School Location

Is the address of the school consistent with that planned on the sandbox?

It is located directly off of the main highway onto the Forest City Island. It has its own exit and is the first set of building one comes to upon crossing on to the island. Very accessible.

How large is the campus? How many students can it accommodate?

It is 22 acres and can accommodate 2,000 students.

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