Why buying real estate is the best investment you can make?

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Real Estate Invesments - Worth it?

There are many ways to make money real estate. One of the ways to make money in stock market is capital appreciation in their value or dividends pay-out.  But in real estate there are more ways to make money such as:

  • Rental income – getting money pay-out monthly from rental is the main source of profit.
  • Buying low and selling high will give you an instant profit from property investing.
  • Selling high. You can make extra money if you stage the property to attract buyers over market value. With stocks, you always buy and sell at market value. With real estate, you can try to beat the market.
  • The law of Leverage – Let’s say you have 30% down payment on the property but you will still be getting a rental income of the full value of the property. Another scenario is that when you sell your property at RM1 million when you’re the property only cost you RM750,000. You will make a total gross profit of RM250,000. Because of the law of leverage, you are making a profit of 100%, minus principal payments your mortgage. In this case, the bigger your leverage, the greater the return you will get.

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